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Picture yourself at a garage sale, Flea Market or Toy Show where you are surrounded by boxes full of miscellaneous toys and on the box, written with a sharpie is: $2.00 each!  Well, that is the concept of this page.  Every item is only $2.00 each!  So, dig through and have fun!  Note: There are only one of each item unless otherwise noted.

Super Natural Super Naturals by Tonka  $2.00


Wind-Up Robot has broken claw  $2.00


Face A-Team by Galoob  $2.00


Tonka Construction Man  $2.00


Akira Mini  $2.00


Prehistoric creatures  $2.00


Hobbit foot has been re-attached by Toybiz  $2.00


Queen Keychain  $2.00


Storm Shadow  GI Joe by Hasbro $2.00


Boris Vallejo keychain  $2.00


Mail Away from Congo $2.00


Red Guy from Savage Dragon $2.00


Evil dead keychain $2.00


"I Hate Mondays" keychain from Star Trek $2.00


Tackleberry from Police Academy $2.00


Waterworld guy $2.00


Bat from McFarlane Toys $2.00


B-Wing from Star Wars Micro Machines $2.00


GB-P2 from Gobots $2.00


Rugrats $2.00


Spumco from Ren & Stimpy? $2.00


Eraser from Mighty Crusaders from Remco $2.00


Bruce Wayne  from Batman by Hasbro $2.00


Dick Tracy  from Dick Tracy by Playmates $2.00


Guy with hat  from Jurassic Park by Hasbro $2.00


Rambo Bad Guy Eraser Top from Arco $2.00


#1 Trashblaster from Trash Bag Bunch by Galoob $2.00


IQ from James Bond Jr. by Hasbro $2.00


Aquaman by Kenner  $2.00


Bruce Wayne by Kenner  $2.00


Penguin Duck Mobile Batman Returns by Ertyl  $2.00


Demolisher by McDonalds $2.00


Elvis Keychain  $2.00


Zak Sectaurs (with broken antenna) by Coleco $2.00


Fitor Gobots by Tonka $2.00


Batmobile Crayon $2.00


Joker Crayon $2.00


Catwoman Fast Food Premium $2.00


Batgirl Fast Food Premium $2.00


Star WarsBoba Fett Premium toy $2.00


Star Wars Death Star Premium toy $2.00


Star Wars Hologram Cube Premium toy $2.00


Star Wars Millinium Falcon Premium toy $2.00


Star Wars Puzzle Box Premium toy $2.00


Star Wars R2D2 & Princess Leia Premium toy $2.00


Star Wars Micro Machines Cantina set by Galoob $2.00


Claw Police Academy by Kenner $2.00


Race Car Driver from Tonka $2.00


Sheriff of Nottingham from Robin Hood by Kenner $2.00


Adventure People by Fischer Price $2.00


Cowboy (big) by Tonka $2.00


Captain Planet by Galoob $2.00


Dick Tracy by Playmates $2.00


Sky Flyer (chewed foot) by Galoob $2.00


Race Car Driver by Tonka $2.00


White Nascar Guy by ??? $2.00


Talking Apu by Simpsons $2.00


Flanders by Simpsons $2.00


Eager Beaver (no arm) Battle Beast by Hasbro $2.00


Fitor Gobot  by Tonka $2.00


Royal-T Gobot  by Tonka $2.00


Good Knight Gobot  by Tonka $2.00


GB-P2 Gobot  by Tonka $2.00


Anime Space Girl PVC  $2.00


Penguin PVC Batman Returns  by Applause $2.00


Jetstorm Transformers Beast Machines  by McDonalds $2.00


Apocalypse Die Cast Marvel by Toybiz $2.00


Cable Die Cast Marvel by Toybiz $2.00


Cyclops Die Cast Marvel by Toybiz $2.00


Magneto Die Cast Marvel by Toybiz $2.00


Mr. Sinister Die Cast Marvel by Toybiz $2.00


Omega Red Die Cast Marvel by Toybiz $2.00


Professor X Die Cast Marvel by Toybiz $2.00


Spider-Man Die Cast Marvel by Toybiz $2.00


Stryfe Die Cast Marvel by Toybiz $2.00


Wolverine Die Cast Marvel by Toybiz $2.00


Cyclops PVC Marvel by Toybiz $2.00